If you think the Hungarian Wire-haired Vizsla may be the breed for you or you just require some further information on the breed we have provided answers to

the most commonly asked questions concerning the breed.  The information provided is based on our experience of the breed over a number of years. 

Is the HWV good with children - The very simple answer to this is yes, if both the children and the puppy are introduced to each other in a sensible way and therefore learn to respect one another, they can then become good playmates.

Is the HWV good with other dogs and animals - Here again, if introduced to other dogs in the family in the correct way then we see no problems, however we do caution that not all animals may wish to get on with the HWV.

Does the HWV need a lot of exercise - This breed will take as little or as much exercise you are prepared or can give them.  They do enjoy a good run around and it is essential that they do receive some good regular exercise.  A young puppy should not be over exercised.

How big will the HWV be when fully grown - Fully grown the HWV could be around 27 inches at the shoulder, so it is not a small dog when fully grown.

Is the HWV easy to train - Basic obedience with the HWV is very easy, they are by nature really willing to do anything their owners ask of them, however any training must be done sympathetically as this breed are also by nature sensitive and easily upset.

Does the HWV have any major health problems - At this point in time there are no major health problems within the breed.  We have known some skin and ear problems.

What type of coat should I be looking for in a HWV puppy at 6 - 8 weeks old - At around 8 weeks of age the HWV puppy should just have the start of a bristle of coat around the bridge of the nose, on the back legs and could have a harsher coat coming in on the neck.  The coat should not at this time be profuse, however on the other hand they should not be devoid of some sign that the wire coat is starting to come.

Why don't HWV's all have the same type of coats - We often, when asked this question, say to people that breeding the HWV is not in anyway like breeding, for example, labradors.  With the labradors you can be assured that you will have a certain number of puppies all with good coats.  When breeding the HWV you cannot expect to get a proportion of puppies who will mature to have good coats if you have used a stud dog or bitch which do not possess a good wire jacket.  So often we have seen a lovely coated dog or bitch mated to a dog or bitch with a "woolly" (a soft, heavy coat) in the hope that good coated genes will be passed through to the litter - it does not work like that.

Is the HWV a good example of a working gundog - In our experience those who have taken puppies from us to work have been delighted with the way the puppies have adapted to whatever is asked of them.  We have youngsters bred by us working with hawks and other birds of prey, the management of deer, in addition to doing well in field and working trials.  The breed have in the main a built in ability for hunting which needs to be fostered.

Can the HWV be kennelled outside - the answer is yes, providing he dogs do not stay in the kennel and run 24/7.  The HWV does not take kindly to being in a kennel all day and night especially without any companion - they are at their happiest as part of the family.



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