The breed originated in native Hungary in the 1930's when, in an attempt to produce a Vizsla with a protective weatherproof coat for work in water and rough land conditions, the German Wire Haired Pointer was mated with the Hungarian Vizsla.   The result of this of this breeding produced the Hungarian Wire-haired Vizsla, stronger and more robust than the smooth Hungarian Vizsla.  The robustness coming from the German Wire Haired Pointer.  At some stage bloodhound was introduced, later a little Irish Setter.  For hunting abilities  Herta Pointers and Pudel Pointers were also added.

The breed first came to the UK in the early 1980's when Douglas and Carol Appleton imported a pair which sadly never produced any puppies. Sheila Gray and Anna Coombe imported another pair in the early 1990's(pictured left) and under the Shannamaya affix the first litter of wires were produced in the UK.

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